Five considerations on international growth for tech startups 

Many tech startups are either unfamiliar with, if not downright intimidated by, the thought of marketing their company overseas. Restricting your business’s audience to domestic clients could overlook incredible growth opportunities waiting to be unlocked in international markets. The fact is, many tech startups can thrive in other countries given the digital nature of marketing and the inherent scalability of the software-as-a-service business model. Many SaaS founders just need the proper guidance and resources to start their international growth. 

Media outlets are a tried-and-true way for startups to grow their brand reach beyond their home countries. When looking at how media outlets can cross borders and cultures, it makes sense to consider investing in an B2B tech PR agency, especially if you notice the following signs:

Lacking international media coverage 

Given the United States’ significant impact in the technology industry, our domestic media coverage often reaches out to foreign outlets. International business journalists frequently follow American news outlets, whether in print, web, or broadcast media. Themes that attract substantial interest domestically, however, may not necessarily have the same impact overseas. The need to localize your news to the country in question is hyper critical. In fact, it’s a major reason for collaborating with in-country B2B tech PR agency experts who know how to engage media from their unique viewpoint. 

Customer base is not global, but it could be

There’s no reason your business or consumer customer base should consist of 99% Americans if your product is equally accessible and beneficial to other nations as well. Nor can you depend upon organic word of mouth to spur the growth abroad you seek. It requires an investment, both financial and in the form of sound strategy and execution, to get the word out and drive growth overseas. Above all, it pays to work with a global B2B tech PR firm that is knowledgeable about the geographic market you are targeting. Want to expand to France? Look to Paris for your French B2B tech PR agency help. 

Expanding into new markets 

You want to create as much of an impact as you can when you’re trying to enter a new international market. Not just with your initial entry into a new market, but also building demand and brand awareness over time. It is worth locating an in-country tech PR firm that has close connections to the regional media and is knowledgeable about the kinds of messages that would appeal to regional customers. Never assume that a public relations plan that works well at home will work equally as well in Madrid, Spain. A Spanish tech PR firm that is intimately familiar with the local markets of Spain can localize the messaging, build an outbound media campaign, and leverage their contacts in the local media to score some impressive news coverage.

No experience in the target market

In a foreign market, the agency that has performed exceptionally well for you in your home market probably has considerably less to offer overseas. Unless of course they have taken pains to develop, nurture and grow their own network of international B2B tech agencies. To expand internationally, you need someone who can tell – and sell your – story. That agency should be staffed with a native speaker of the target country’s language, and they should have strong connections to the leading local media outlets. Can you imagine trying to take a press release written by an American agency and running it through Google Translate then just shotgun blasting Italian media outlets? First of all, coordinating media outlets is akin to herding cats, but try and do that on the Italian media market and, well, good luck. The process of adjusting your message to the terminology, topics, and idioms of a particular market is known as “localization.” Localizing your media strategy effectively can result in remarkable media coverage. That’s why you’d be far better off working with an Italian tech PR agency during your build up and entry into that challenging media market.

Neglected markets are green product pastures 

As you research international markets for expansion, it’s important to consider the market size and relative state of competition – both in product terms and overall market awareness of other brands. You might just stumble across a golden opportunity to get into and take over an underdeveloped market. Before undertaking such an effort, the smart move is to hire a local PR agency that truly understands the market and how best to position your company for market dominance. For example, the size and complexity of the German media market argues that you hire a German B2B tech PR agency familiar with not only the customs of the German press but also the ways to communicate tech news in ways that yield favorable media coverage. 

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