If you’re looking to expand in Europe, it’s important to consider whether your current PR situation will be able to help you achieve your goals on the Old Continent. There are a variety of benefits to having a tech PR firm that is embedded in the local culture and knows who to call and what to say to get your message across in the press. Here are five big advantages. 

Local media knowledge

If you want to make an impact in Europe, you need to have a tech PR firm that knows which media outlets to target and how to work with them to get you positive press, no matter what the country. A local firm will have a big edge over an American agency because it knows which outlets can have the greatest impact and which ones are most likely to be interested in your brand. Perhaps most importantly, a local firm is more likely to have contacts in local media that it can leverage on your behalf. 

Understanding of local consumers

PR in Europe is not as simple as translating whatever you do in the U.S. into another language. Whether you sell to individuals or businesses, there are key differences between your American and European customers. The people you need to convince have different attitudes, tastes and needs. It’s important that the PR agency tasked with selling your brand understands what appeals are most likely to work on your target market in Europe. 

Local relationships

Successful PR is not just about media relations. A strong tech PR agency can also be critical in connecting you with other important industry players who may be key to your growth in that market. A local agency that has deep experience in the tech sector will likely have connections with prospective customers and partners that can help grow your business on the continent. 

Overcoming language barriers

It’s a popular myth that “everyone” in Europe is a fluent English speaker. That’s only close to being true in northern Europe and it’s very far from the truth elsewhere on the continent. For instance, a 2016 survey by ABA, the language school, found that only 4 percent speak it fluently. In other words, if you want to communicate effectively with local media, you can’t depend on their knowledge of English. You want to have someone on your side who speaks the local language. 

Boots on the ground

The pandemic both highlighted how much can be done virtually and underscored the value of face-to-face connections in certain contexts. While much of the work your PR agency will do on your behalf can be done remotely, it’s particularly helpful to have boots on the ground who can cultivate relationships with local media and industry players in-person. Physical presence can also prove helpful for events such as trade shows, when a local agency can assist you in setting up the booth and working the room.