In Poland, there are few tech news media outlets, primarily small digital publications focused on specific industry sectors. Many of these outlets accept paid content, which can impact content quality.

To get a contributed article or tech news without payment, mainstream media covering general technology is your best option. Submit your content whether an article or press release from a neutral commercial standpoint. Avoid turning your pitch into a sales pitch and follow media guidelines on product mentions.

Here are a few additional guidelines for dealing with Polish media:

Keep it simple: When communicating your news, it’s important to use simple language that everyone can understand. Avoid technical jargon, but if you must use it, explain it clearly. Remember, there aren’t many journalists who specialize in technical topics. Your main goal is to catch their attention with your news and show them why it’s valuable for their audience. This is especially crucial when reaching out to outlets that cover business or consumer topics, not just tech news.

Make it local:To make your pitch relevant to the Polish economy and its businesses or consumers, it’s crucial to link to Poland-specific content and emphasize its importance to the local market. Including local Polish individuals and companies involved in product development or innovation makes your pitch more attractive to local news professionals. Tech news lacking authentic connections to Poland has little chance of being published.

Make data part of the story: When sharing information with tech news media, ensure it’s not only compelling but also rich in data. Journalists appreciate numbers that highlight trends and reveal lesser-known facts. This data can include figures, charts, or graphics, all presented transparently and in an easy-to-understand manner. If the data is complex, take care to explain it clearly to prevent misinterpretation or misinformation. It’s crucial to clarify the data supporting your announcement to ensure your message resonates accurately with your audience.

Tell a good story: When communicating with Polish journalists, it’s important to avoid relying solely on Western organizational styles. Your news announcement should present a complete, self-contained, and well-explained story. While journalists won’t directly copy your pitch into their publications, you need to impress them with the value and relevance of your news as much as possible.

How you pitch matters: When reaching out to journalists, it’s crucial to attach a press release or relevant information to your introductory email. This summary should highlight why your tech new media is important to both the outlet and its readers. Your email should ‘set the hook’, grabbing the journalist’s attention. Make your pitch brief and impactful. Journalists are busy, so your email needs to be concise yet compelling. Clearly convey the value and significance of your news. If your email fails to make an impact, you won’t get published.

Don’t forget quotes: Craft your tech media news announcement with quotes from key stakeholders like the CEO or startup founder. For a product launch, consider quotes from early customers who endorse your product. Including a quote from a Poland-based industry expert adds credibility. Ensure quotes are concise, factual, and support your pitch, avoiding emotional language.Including these quotes enhances credibility and engages journalists and readers alike.

Company background helps: When pitching your tech news to Polish media, consider including a background note about your company, especially if it’s not well-known in the Polish market. Focus on factual information and data. Try to relate your company’s background to Poland, its economy, or consumers, even if the connection is indirect. This background helps journalists understand your company’s context and relevance to their audience, increasing the likelihood of your pitch being successful.

Contact details: When pitching your tech news to Polish media, always include contact details of the PR agency or internal PR contact. This information should be included in all materials sent with your pitch, including background data sheets. Ensure any phone number provided is answered promptly, and that the listed email address is regularly checked and responsive. These details are crucial for journalists who may need further information or wish to follow up on your pitch.

Localize the pitch: Many journalists and editors in Polish tech news media understand English well enough to read and comprehend pitches. However, it’s generally better to send your pitch in Polish. Localize the language to the way Polish business professionals communicate, rather than relying solely on translation apps like Google Translate. This approach enhances clarity and ensures your message resonates effectively with the local audience, increasing the likelihood of your pitch being well-received and considered for publication.

About pitch follow up: When communicating with Polish tech news media, it’s advisable not to aggressively follow up on your pitch. Avoid calling editors to check on publication status or reasons for delays. Simply pitching a news announcement does not ensure publication; editors decide based on factors like relevance and audience impact. However, it is suitable to follow up with additional valuable information related to your pitch. This might include updates on new product applications, features, or connections to Poland that enhance the original news pitch. The goal is to offer clarity and education, making your pitch more appealing to the news outlet’s audience.

Long-term approach works best: Building relationships with tech news media professionals in Poland requires dedication and persistence. Successful technology companies understand that a one-time media push isn’t enough. They persevere even if initial efforts don’t yield results. The most effective strategy is long-term: consistently nurturing relationships with media professionals. This investment can capture their attention and, over time, result in news coverage that benefits your technology company. Success hinges on adhering to the guidelines I outlined earlier.

Good luck to any technology company looking to gain news coverage in Poland. If you need the assistance of a professional PR agency with strong roots in Poland and extensive connections with the Polish media, we are here to help.

About Piotr Czarnowski: Piotr is the founder of First Public Relations, which is a Polish PR agency that helps organizations seeking help in the Polish market. Based in Warsaw and a member of First PR Alliance since its founding over five years ago, the company has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including defense, technology, aviation, energy, health care, and tourism.  

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