Europe is not the easiest place to expand your business. The regulations are stringent, the taxes are high and the lunch breaks are long. An additional challenge that is often under-appreciated is getting the word out about your brand is a challenge in a continent with more than two dozen languages and a highly diversified media landscape. That’s why when it comes to PR, seeking out an international tech PR agency network with significant experience across Europe is such a big plus. 

Here’s a rundown of the advantages that an international tech PR agency network offers over a standard PR agency. 

Extensive contacts in key European markets

Even a highly experienced major PR agency will likely struggle to gain traction in European markets that they don’t have experience working in. An international tech PR agency network that has experts in a variety of markets can be a game-changer. They’ll be able to connect you with key players in both PR and media who can help your brand get coverage. 

Experience with European media outlets

If you think that sending the same press release or making the same pitches you made to domestic outlets will work in Europe, think again. Each country in Europe has a unique media culture and it takes an understanding of how they operate to be able to get them to cover your brand. A good international tech PR agency network will have people or be able to connect you with people who have experience dealing with media in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other major media markets. 

Understanding local buyers

Just as important is understanding the messengers you’re speaking through (local media outlets) is understanding the end-buyer you hope to reach. B2B buyers in Europe will often have market-specific concerns and perspectives that should be taken into account when conducting a PR campaign. 

Getting the language right

Even when engaging with people who speak English fluently (and many Europeans do not), you are much more likely to communicate successfully with them in their first language. And as impressive as translation technology has become, it’s hardly a substitute for a native speaker who can actually connect with local journalists through their shared language and culture.  

Help at trade shows  

If you’re a tech startup attending a trade show in a European market, don’t underestimate the value of having boots-on-the-ground PR support. A local tech PR agency can be particularly helpful in coordinating and interpreting interviews with local media or tech news outlets. 

Deep expertise

An international tech PR agency network allows you to draw on the knowledge of people with expertise in different different verticals, such as health care technology, fintech or B2B SaaS. These experts are more likely to know who to connect you with in each local market. 

Boundless creativity 

When you have a whole network of tech PR agencies to draw upon, the chance of striking creative gold is much greater. It’s a whole network of minds that are collaborating to deliver for clients in different markets and verticals.